Upcoming interview? 
Gain OVERWHELMING Confidence.
Get the edge, be 100% prepared—and show Them you’re just one of the team
(No Matter WHAT They Ask!)
Become An Interview Master—The PROVEN Way
Spending HOURS reading Google and LinkedIn tips doesn't mean you are getting ANY closer to prepared for that interview. 

To get ready FAST, FULLY PRACTICED and become 100% CONFIDENT you will tell your BEST stories, you have no time to lose.
You Must Focus.
Study the RIGHT things
Know exactly what to study—and what is a waste of time
Ask The Right Questions
The best interviews are two-way conversations. Change the power dynamic—in YOUR favor.
Practice “mock” interviews
Get comfortable with the pressured situation of the real interview
Watch The Video To See How
We Get You Ready—Fast!
Shivani received an invitation to an interview, and it was coming up fast. They asked her to prepare a 10 minute PowerPoint with 5 slides, and to be ready in just a few days. 

Watch as I outline the 3 key power techniques to a job-winning interview.

What are your results worth to you?
1 Hour Interview Coaching Session (Core Confidence)
Starter & introduction to impact interviews
Assess your strengths, weaknesses, and build a personalized plan to get you ready quickly
  • Your time is short (especially when they schedule the call fast!)—Know exactly WHAT to study, WHO to research, and what NOT to waste time on
  • Global development interviews use competency-based assessments: understand why, what they're asking, and how to prepare for them
  • ​Walk away with core confidence to keep preparing, proven techniques to stand-out, and a method to tell your story (not matter what they ask)
2 Hours of Interview Preparation (Scenarios + Strategy)
Sessions tailored to your needs
Everything in the 1-hour sessions plus another 1-hour session to:
  • Practice a “mock” interview to get you comfortable with the pressured situation of the real interview
  • ​Craft your replies to common questions – and your own key questions to ensure it’s a two-way conversation (and flip the script on them!)
  • Review written test prep & strategies
  • Real-time feedback so you feel 100% confident for your moment in the spotlight
"I said I can't miss this opportunity and followed your advice. Now, I am starting as a Coordinator in my favorite country where I wanted to be based!"
Karen G.
Former consultant turned volunteer—turned development sector Coordinator!
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